Enroll in Cleburne High School Today and Save Thousands

Cleburne High School tuition continues to be sky-high these days. So if you are a parent of a rising freshman or a current graduating senior, you may want to consider a local state-funded program that will save your family thousands on a proper education. The Texas College Prep Academy Program allows eligible students in designated districts to enroll for free. The list of communities has not been updated for years, so I have found a site that will update it for you.

Why the new school year is the perfect time to enroll in Cleburne High School

Cleburne High School’s new school year brings exciting opportunities for students. With the new year, there are recent changes and new people to meet. The opportunity to learn is endless with the wide range of classes offered. With small class sizes, there is the chance to connect with your teachers and classmates. With a beautiful new building and modern furniture, students will be excited to attend school and use their free time to visit clubs and sports teams.

Cleburne High School

What Cleburne High School offers

Cleburne High School offers a variety of classes to suit students’ needs. Cleburne High School offers the following courses: Advanced Placement, Honors, College Preparatory, College-Preparatory Electives, Advanced Business, Environmental Science, World History, Chemistry, Physics, French I, Spanish I, Music Theory, Computer Science, Drama, Studio Art, Agricultural Science. Many classes also have dual enrollment options with local colleges to earn college credit while still in high school.

Things you should keep in your Mind

  • What are Advanced Placement courses?
  • What are Honors courses?
  • What are College Preparatory courses?
  • What are College-Preparatory Electives?
  • What is Advanced Business?
  • What is Environmental Science?
  • What is World History?
  • What is Chemistry?
  • What is Physics? 1
  • What is French I? 1
  • What is Spanish I? 1
  • What is Music Theory?

What does Rank History for Cleburne High School mean?

Rank History is a composite of academic performance. It is calculated using the following methods: The number of students enrolled in the school, the percentage of students receiving an A-B grade, and the percentage of students obtaining a C-D degree. Rank History for Cleburne High School means that the number of students enrolled is combined with the percentage of students receiving an A-B grade to generate a score. The student’s overall score is then compared to other schools in the district and state.

What types of clubs does Cleburne High School offer?

Cleburne High School offers the following clubs:

-Band -DECA -Cheerleading -Student Council -Leadership -JROTC -Yearbook -FFA -Robotics. Cleburne High School offers various clubs for students to be involved in. One of these is the Band, which may be composed of any instrument or vocalist. The Dance Department also offers Cheerleading and Student councils. Student Council is a non-voting student council that meets monthly. Other clubs available for students to participate in include FFA and Robotics. This list of clubs is not exhaustive, as many other clubs are offered at the school and across the district.

How does Niche rate Cleburne High School?

Niche rates Cleburne High School as an “A” school. The school is ranked 13th in Texas and seventh in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Cleburne High School is an “A” school based on statistical data and student reviews. Students say that the school is welcoming and helps them stay organized. Students who attend Cleburne High School may participate in sports and other activities. Sports teams compete in the following league or division: 3A.

What is the Cleburne High School Bell Schedule?

If you are interested in learning about the bell schedule for Cleburne High School, the general plan is the following:

-7:15-7:35, breakfast/shower

-7:35-8:00, homeroom

-8:00-8:40, first block

-8:40-9:10, the second block

-9:10-9:50, third block-9:50-

Who are the principals at Cleburne High School?

Cleburne High School is one of the few public schools in Cleburne, Texas, and provides many students with a quality education. With roughly 1,800 students, it is the largest high school in the Cleburne Independent School District. The school employs over fifty teachers and staff members, including on-site nurses and guidance counselors. It hosts a variety of extracurricular activities for its students, such as clubs and athletics.

Why should I enroll in Cleburne High School?

In Cleburne High School, students are taught a curriculum that includes a balance of coursework in the three academic areas of English, math, and science. In addition to these core courses, students can select from a wide range of electives, extracurricular activities, and career-oriented courses. Students will choose their classes in Cleburne High School to prepare for college. They will also have the opportunity to earn college credit through online courses.

In addition, the district plans to offer a full slate of electives, which would include: Accounting, Art, Automotive Technology, Business Law, Child Development, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Entrepreneurship, Fire Science, General Studies, Health and PE, Hotel/Motel Operations, Information Technology, Journalism, Paralegal, Personal Financial Literacy, Psychology, Retail Management, and Social Studies.

Take a Sneak Peek at Cleburne High School

High school can be challenging, but Cleburne High School has various programs to help students succeed. With extracurricular clubs, sports, and academic courses, Cleburne High has everything a student could want. The school has many extracurricular activities for students to participate in. There are clubs for all kinds of interests and sports teams. Cleburne High School is located in Arlington, Texas.


Cleburne High School is making its way to being in the top five in its history. This year they will bring new and improved staff and student comfort on the campus and in the classrooms. Staff members will be rotated between different classrooms to increase the personalization of how they teach, and teachers will have opportunities to work with their favorite kids.

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