Farrah Abraham reveals political aspirations: ‘More mothers, women need to be in government positions’

EXCLUSIVE: Former reality TV star Farrah Abraham is ready to enter politics. The former MTV star turned 30 on Monday, and just one week prior, she teased her political ambitions on Twitter, writing that she plans to run “for a government position” as she enters a new decade of life. Fox News caught up with the mother of one this week, where she shared what’s led her to pursue a political position and why she feels there’s a place for everyone in government, especially women. “I do believe more mothers and women need to be in government positions, and I say that in a nice way and with no disrespect to other government officials,” Abraham told us in a phone interview just days before her 30th birthday.


Abraham, whose transition into motherhood was showcased on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom,” explained that she comes from a family of former politicians. “My aunt and stepmom have all retired from government positions. I’ve seen them retire early because the environments were very depressive. I feel like, ok, I’ve seen them work so hard, dedicate their whole lives, but then they needed out. It’s time for a change.” Abraham declared to Fox News that entering her thirties means she’s “going to turn into a whole other person.” “I’ve seen a lot of bills submitted for change that was declined that could have helped business owners and our community,” the Iowa native currently living in Los Angeles, Calif., said.

Farrah Abraham

“I realize I have to be a certain age for things I feel fit for. Now, I say, where can I work that will help?” Regarding the position she’s gearing up for, Abraham said she’s exploring running as a representative for her local district instead of a mayoral position. Of course, Abraham is no stranger to living in the spotlight, and she believes her experiences as a public figure have strengthened her ability and determination to use her voice. “I am passionate about advocating for my community. I understand that government situations are pretty toxic right now. Still, I’m used to death threats, I am used to a toxic environment, and I fight like no other person for rights within kids and women and creating safe environments,” she said.


‘Teen Mom’ alum Farrah Abraham says she wants to contribute to change by running for a government position in her home state of California. Abraham, mom to 12-year-old daughter Sophia, spoke of her previounces dealing with suicidal thoughts and depression while under intense scrutiny for her past on-air work on reality shows. “I’ve gone through a lot, but it’s helped me fight more for what is right,” she told us.

Despite what critics may say, running for a government position isn’t a goal she dreamt up overnight. Abraham said it’s something she’s been exploring for two years and already has her sights set on issues she wants to tackle head-on. “I think entertainment should be more regulated just like tech companies should be more regulated. I don’t believe in power trips. I believe in consent culture, and I want the best for people,” she vowed.

Abraham tells Fox News she’s already begun paperwork for a future seat in office but is still figuring out just where her advocacy work and goals would be best suited – and she’s not canceling out a Senator position. “I’m studying all of this and seeing what fits best. I’m shocked by how low some age limits are and what people can do. I’m also shocked that no more young people are running,” she said.


Farrah Abraham (R) and daughter Sophia Laurent Abraham attend Debbie Durkin’s EcoLuxe Lounge Honoring Film Award Nominees 2020 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 07, 2020, in Beverly Hills, California. The self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” said her main focus if voted into the office one day would be children’s rights and women’s rights. At the heart of change she wants to see and contribute to, Abraham said her main goal is “to empower the younger generations.”

“That’s what I sponsor. That’s what I give my money to right now,” she said. Just last week, Abraham was identified as one of nine women who have accused former Windsor, Calif. Mayor Dominic Foppoli of sexual assault. He resigned from his position last week. “We are glad that the former Mayor is starting to feel some of the repercussions of his actions. We are hopeful that the police finish their investigation and turn this matter over to the State Attorneys’ office so that Mr. Foppoli can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Abraham’s lawyer Spencer Kuvin told Fox News in a statement.

While she’s dabbled in entertainment for nearly half her life since becoming a TV star at the ripe age of 16, Abraham tells us she’s not worried about negative commentary from the public about her decisions. “Every survey I’ve seen myself on has been filled with haters. Even if no one votes for me, I’m happy to speak up about things I want to see changed. I hope this helps younger people know they have the right to run for government positions and to change things as they would like to see them,” she said.


Abraham certainly isn’t the first celebrity to explore a career in politics. Abraham cited Arnold Schwarzenegger’s previous position as Governor of California and Caitlyn Jenner’s current campaign as evidence stars in Hollywood can make the switch. As of late, Matthew McConaughey has spoken up about the possibility of running for office in his home state of Texas.

“I have so many people who mislabel me or only hold me to being a reality TV star or a very young woman. I think that’s the survivor in the overcomer and me. I take their ignorance, turning that into gold for me,” she said. “You have credible people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Caitlyn Jenner who are from television. It’s proof you can be anything.” Abraham also noted that she’s been working a lot on herself in recent years, which involves seeing two therapists and a psychologist to overcome her past traumas. She is confident today in her roles as a mother, aunt, and daughter.

“Looking back, I feel like I needed to be louder when I was younger. Today’s society is rougher than what I grew up with, and I feel like I sometimes let myself down because I didn’t speak up enough. I hope I’m raising little fighters out of the kids in my life – my daughter, nieces, and nephews. I hope I can use the government to help stop dysfunction for many other kids and women.” Additionally, the star is releasing a self-published memoir titled “Dream Twenties.” She called it a “birthday gift to myself” and hopes to one day turn it into a documentary series.

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