Secure border an ‘indispensable prerequisite’ to immigration reform: Gowdy

Congress cannot reform immigration policy in the United States until the crisis at the border is broadly addressed and contained, “Sunday Night in America” host Trey Gowdy said. “There is a broad consensus, and where there is consensus, there should be a solution,” Gowdy said during his opening monologue Sunday. “And yet, nothing happens because the people’s will never translate into legislative action. It is almost as if the political advantage some elected officials perceive and having this debate year after year outweighs the desire of the people to have reasonable, logical finality.”


While Democrats seek temporary and impulsive solutions to the decades-old political hot-button topic, Gowdy said he hopes for “something that can last longer than one executive order to the next, longer than one election cycle to the next.” “Most Americans believe a sovereign country should have border security because a sovereign country is entitled to know who is coming into the country and going out. Yes, it’s national security. Yes, it makes economic sense. But even more fundamentally, a country has a right to meaningful borders and to have those borders respected and honored,” he said.


“We are not a planet of nomads,” Gowdy continued. “Vice President Kamala Harris, too late and without a lot of conviction, finally said don’t come. That’s hardly provocative to tell people not to make a dangerous trip armed with nothing but false hope. It is not provocative to tell people to stop trusting coyotes or cartel members…so where are we? ” he asked. A secure border and security in the U.S. visa programs would enable movement “to the next logical stage, which is providing legal status for those who were brought here as children before the age of legal accountability,” Gowdy explained. “We do not have border security. So there will be no movement until that indispensable prerequisite is met.”

“You might even see movement among those were now unlawfully but who have otherwise followed our laws. And then you would see further movement toward the legal immigration system,m which smartly balances economic reality with our commitment to family as the foundation of society,” he said. But, Gowdy argued, the Biden administration has yet to face the music. “We do not have border security.

In fact, we do not have border security, law enforcement believes we may actually be headed in the opposite and wrong direction. We have seen reporting on men showing up at the southern border with criminal histories, including sexually assaulting children, producing an increase in certain drugs crossing the edge just as we are finally beginning to see some light at the end of the opioid struggle. So there will be no movement until that indispensable prerequisite is met. W;w”Border security is not only a country’s right,” he concluded. “It is your right to know who and what is coming and going from this sovereign nation so we can keep it safe.”

Tyson Houlding
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