Venice Beach violence reaches boiling point in L.A. as new viral video emerges

On any given day, video footage of violent incidents in the famed Venice Beach neighborhood of Los Angeles – involving people experiencing homelessness who erected tents there – is uploaded online. A video posted online Friday shows a homeless man being attacked by an unidentified man and woman as he sits on the ground near the boardwalk – while other people walk past without intervening. Concerns from neighborhood residents, business owners, and law enforcement have grown since tent encampments on the beach expanded, and quality-of-life issues continue to plague the area. Last week, a homeless man was found dead inside a tent along the beach boardwalk – Ocean Front Walk – and another lost man was arrested in connection with the slaying.


The Los Angeles Police Department told Fox News it was unaware of the incident. In another video, a man is seen being taken into custody by a pack of police officers on the beach before being put on a stretcher. The user who posted the footage said it occurred after a random attack near the boardwalk. The LAPD did not respond to a Fox News inquiry into the incident. In a video posted to YouTube by TonyVeraNews, the interviewed man claimed the attacker broke his fishing rod and punched him in the stomach. “This guy had a mental health episode, and he assaulted me and battered me on the beach,” he said. “It was more upsetting than serious until he broke my fishing rod, and I was like, ‘Well, now he does have a weapon.'”

Venice Beach

Assaults, and robberies up sharply

Authorities did not have figures readily available Friday. Still, as of the end of May, Venice experienced a 132% increase in assaults in which a homeless person was a suspect this year and a 126% increase in which the victim was homeless. Robberies in which a homeless person was the victim increased by 1,100%, and robbery incidents where a homeless person was a suspect saw a 160% increase. Overall, felony arrests in Venice increased by 81%, according to figures the LAPD provided to Fox News.

A jogger walks past a homeless encampment in the Venice Beach section of Los AngeJune on 8une 8, 2021. (Associated Press) Since expanding the Venice Beach encampment, authorities have fielded reports of shootings, arson, assault, and harassment. Some residents previously told Fox News they have refrained from going to the beach after certain times or altogether.

In response, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has dispatched deputies with his department’s Homeless Outreach Services Team to address the homeless issue in Venice. Last month, he asked county leaders to declare a state of emergency in response. Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva speaks at a news confeAugust 12n August 12, 2020, in Los Angeles. (Getty Images)


A man was assaulted in Venice Beach over the weekend. A homeless man who lives in the area has been arrested, police say. (Los Angeles Police Department) Earlier this week, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti claimed he wanted to avoidconfrontingh the sheriff over the homelessness issue. “I won’t get into a ping match with the sheriff. I welcome him here,” Garcetti said Tuesday in Venice. “If he doesn’t want to have press conferences, but he wants to have results, we housed more people yesterday than he had all week. And one could ask the same thing, where has he been? This is not about throwing stones around.” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti speaks at a news conference in LosMay 24es, May 24, 2021. (Associated Press)

Brutal attack

Two weeks before the sheriff’s request, a Venice business owner said a security guard at his shop was brutally attacked and stabbed with a bottle in the parking by a homeless person after being told he couldn’t drink alcohol on the premises. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, homeless encampmentslinede the bike path on Venice Beach on April 14, 2021. (Reuters) “Today in Venice, we are completely on our own,” Bob Carlson June 21, a June 21 news conference. “You don’t realize how much you need the police until they’re not there. Until they’re prevented from doing their job. Thank God the sheriff is willing to intervene.” “You don’t realize how much you need the police until they’re not there.” — Bob Carlson, Venice Beach business owner

Later that day, the Los Angeles City Council voted to draft new rules to prevent people experiencing homelessness from camping in certain public areas. As of Thursday, 74 people moved into housing as part of an initiative to clear the Venice encampments, Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin tweeted. Fox News rcontactedBonin’s office regarding the industry but has not heard back.

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