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Sam Corlett is a former Google employee, blogger, podcaster, and author. He also founded the website, a blog dedicated to helping people make money online. His website was created as a place where he could share everything he knows about internet marketing, entrepreneurship, and blogging. But it’s turned into a place for him to talk about other topics that interest him.

He currently hosts the How To Podcast, The Corlett Podcast, The Entrepreneurial Podcast, The Digital Life Podcast, and The Business of Online Marketing Podcast. He has also written several books, including The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online and The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Niche.

You can start a blog for almost any topic, and choose how you want to monetize it.

There are several different options to monetize a blog, but I will review the most common one first.

If you want to make money online, you can start a blog and post content.

This content can be in videos, articles, podcast episodes, webinars, or a combination.

Depending on your time working on your blog, you can earn anywhere from $0 to $10,000 or more monthly.

Sam Corlett

What is blogging?

As a result of his success, Sam has been featured in numerous articles and podcasts. His podcast, “How To Make Money Online,” is one of the top-rated shows in the space, and he has a weekly newsletter called “The Sam Corlett Report,” where he shares his secrets to making money online.

It’s difficult to say how many people are making money online today. The fact is, we don’t know because no one has been keeping track of it.

However, I can tell you this – it is growing very quickly. There are now over a billion people online, which continues to grow.

How to start a blog

Sam Corlett is a young entrepreneur and blogger. He owns the website, which gives helpful information about entrepreneurship.

He is a huge fan of helping people succeed and has dedicated his life to ensuring that others learn to do the same.

The first thing you should do is start thinking about what you want to say. When writing, you want to start with a solid idea of what you will say and why it matters.

When I was starting, I had many ideas for posts, but none were very exciting or even related to each other. But by writing them down, I could start to see how they connected and began to form a more coherent narrative.

Sam Corlett

Where to find hosting

With the world changing and technology advancing so quickly, we live in an age where people crave information, knowledge, and education.

With this in mind, blogs have become a powerful tool for those looking to share their expertise, experience, and knowledge.

A blog is essentially an online journal, diary, or public forum where you can discuss a topic, write about your opinions, and share experiences with other readers.

A blog can be personal, informative, or educational.

It is easy to set up and maintain and can be customized to suit your specific needs.

As a blogger, you will need to have a few things:

A domain name (website)

Web hosting

An online space to store your content and pictures

Content ideas

Hosting software

A place to display your content

And, of course, you will need some knowledge and skill in using each item to create a blog that will attract attention.

You must also know how to market your blog and get traffic.

How to build a website

The biggest hurdle people face when blogging is the fear of failing.

If you’re new to blogging, I hope you know you won’t fail.

You might have a few days where you feel like you’re not doing anything, but you’ll get back to it, and it will get easier.

It’s worth noting that if you’re new to blogging, you might be unable to make a full-time income.

But you can build a residual income by selling other things. For example, if you write an ebook about how to start a blog, you could charge $19.95, give away the rest, and still make a healthy profit.

The first thing you should know is that blogging is a great hobby. It’s a great way to start a new career. But you don’t need a blog to make money. There are other ways to do that.

I’m going to show you how you can start a blog and use it to make money. It won’t take long, and it will be easy.

If you don’t have a blog already, you should start one. Blogs are great because you can make money from them.

Sam Corlett

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why did you start a blog?

A: I started a blog because I am a writer. I didn’t want to be limited to writing just fiction. I wanted to be able to share my thoughts on various topics like fashion, music, and lifestyle. Also, as an independent woman, I wanted to share my personal life with readers and other bloggers. I wanted to write about what was going on in my life and how I felt, which is also a good way to express yourself. I started my blog on October 1, 2008.

Q: What advice would you give to new bloggers?

A: It is not easy to start a blog, but not impossible. It does take time and effort, and it is important to remember why you are doing it. You must have a purpose or reason for starting a blog.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What are some of your hobbies?

A: I am an interior designer and a blogger! I live in West Hollywood with my husband, Mike. We have a 1-year-old son named Olli. I love being an interior designer and a mommy. I like to paint and go on hikes. I am also obsessed with food and wine. I enjoy cooking, entertaining, and eating at home.

Q: What’s one hobby you would never give up?

A: Interior design. I love creating a space that is warm and inviting. It is such a blessing to bring people happiness into their homes.

Q: How did you get started as a blogger?

A: I was introduced to blogging by a friend who created her blog. Her posts impressed me, and I decided to start a blog myself.

Q: How did you start your blog?

A: I started my blog on April 12, 2011. I was working full-time as a web designer and was bored with my job. I decided to take some time off and try blogging.

Q: Why did you start a blog instead of working on other projects?

A: I love writing and think blogs are fun and creative. I have always loved to write, so I knew it would be something I would enjoy. I enjoy looking at blogs and learning from them.

Q: Do you think starting a blog was a good decision?

A: Yes! Now that I have learned how to keep this blog up to date, I enjoy blogging and connecting with new readers. I hope to make this a career someday.

Myths About Sam Corlett

1. Sam has never blogged before.

2. Sam has no experience writing.

3. Sam lacks a special skill to make his blog successful.

4. You need a degree to be successful with a blog.

5. You should only blog about things you have a passion for.

6. People will respect you more if your blog contains photos of you.


The first step is getting your domain name. Many services online will offer you a free one if you want, but I’d recommend checking out Google Domains since they’re owned by the same company that owns Google.

I recommend starting with WordPress, a free blogging platform and one of the most popular online.

After you’ve got your domain name and WordPress site, you’ll want to start thinking about monetizing it. I’ve used several different services over the years and found that the best method is to join a community where others do the same thing.

That way, you can ask questions and get tips.

For example, I focused on making money online and searched “make money online” and “affiliate marketing”“. I found a bunch of blogs that were already covering these topics, and I began following them.

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